Sunday, December 11, 2011

Here Comes Winter

Well it's been a few months since you've heard from me, sorry for that. Didn't really mean to stay away for so long. But as you well know, Life has her way of choosing what needs to take presidence of what gets done in the moment. Any who, I'm here now, and would love to take a little time to catch you up on the going ons with Stone & Bone. Since mid October, I've been teaching a few beaded jewelry classes at Ben Franklin Crafts and Island Edge Beads, in Hilo, Hawaii, getting ready for the holiday gift giving season. The class enrollment wasn't what I expected, compared to what the stores reported customers were asking for, I've had to cancel a few classes due to lack of Store promotional support, and poor organization on their part. Although I was prepared and ready to go, it was just not happening this year at BFC. As for my frenz at Island Edge Beads, Sharon and Gary, were really great with letting their customers know the going ons, and supporting my Hoop~Ology and Wild Dangle Beaded Jewelry classes. {Shout Out love you lot's!!!} We had a few realy nice turn outs, and although it was on the lower end, it still gave us the time to yak it up, get to know each other and really enjoy the moment. On the spectrum of things, Stone & Bone's been really doing great this Holiday Season. It's only the 11th of Dec. and I've already had 30 sales in the last 2 months. It's been the best to date since I've began selling online. I'm really looking forward to taking a work break, mid January to revamp, stock and just veg a bit before starting up again. Lot's to do for the new year, but looking very forward to the new improved STONE & BONE. I think change will be a breath of fresh air and I can promise you'll agree when you see what I have planned. So as for now I got brownies baking in the oven, paint drying, and crazy ideas needing to break out of my brain, so I'll catch up with you real soon. xo Pk

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